Sunday School meets weekly in term time and spends the first fifteen minutes in church with the minister and congregation.

We then carry on with a bible reading and story accompanied with choruses and finish with craft work pertaining to the story.


Twice a year the children participate in the service, at Christmas with a nativity play, and prizegiving Sunday with a half hour presentation.


We have an outing to the theatre at Christmas and an event at the end of the summer term, which could be visit to bowling, a BBQ lunch or similar.


The children particpate in various fund raising activities and help with the Sunday School garden.

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FAB Little Fishes was set up in 2016 to provide a session for the young children and parents at Nairn Old Parish Church to meet and get to know each other. From small numbers it has grown as we also warmly welcome little ones from the wider Nairn community.


We are a Church based group and our welcome extends to everyone from any or no religious background and from any ethnic group. 

We welcome parents, grandparents and family carers.


Who’s welcome – We welcome all babies and children up to pre-school age, and Pregnant Mum’s are very welcome too.


The sessions – We meet every Wednesday morning 10am to 11.30am in the Parish Church hall.  Toys are available for free play with your child and there will be occasional craft activities for the older toddlers.



Snack time is an important time for the children at FAB Little Fishes when they all sit together to eat and drink, but please can you bring your own child’s snack with you. 

At the end of the session we tidy up the toys together and then usually finish with a song or a story.



During the year we have special sessions such as summer teddy bear picnics, Christmas and Easter sessions linked with Church and a Christmas Party.


But the Mum’s are not forgotten! There are 2 nights out during the year which is a chance for a hot meal in peace and uninterrupted conversation!


FAB Little Fishes aims to

v  Provide a safe and happy environment;

v  Be a welcoming place to make friends and feel supported;

v  Offer friendship;

v  Offer Christian love and support.

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This new group of enthusiastic puppeteers meet on a Monday evening to learn the skills required to work these amazing Puppets who have names like Butch, Grandma Jean, Sasha, the Prof and Old Man Jebidiah. They will bring them to life and use them to entertain and teach.

Our group visited Junior World at the beginning of Summer and the Kids all loved it. They were entertained for an enjoyable half hour and the children of all ages heard about Moses, perseverance and that God provides you with all you need. If you know of any other groups outwith our Church who would like a visit from us, please contact Tom Boyle.

If you would like to learn how to animate these guys and be part of their next performance, come along to our meetings on Monday night at 7pm.

The Ladies Friendship Group:

Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month during the winter months and is open to all women in the community. They have a varied syllabus and meet in the Session Room in Kirkside at 7.30 pm, unless otherwise stated.


Office Bearers

Hon President  Rev Alison Mehigan

President Kaye Skinner

Treasurer  Beth Meek

Secretary Jessie Holmes 


S Docherty

J Keir

H Brebner

M Phillip

R Dunbar

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The Guild.

Meets once a month during the winter months in the Session Room in Kirkside at 2.30p.m. Joint meetings are also held with other Church Guilds in the town.


Our newly formed Committee has compiled the Syllabus for 2016/17 the main theme of which will be JOY.

Each of our meetings will now be taken in turn by a committee member, we are pleased and grateful that Sandra Fulton has agreed to continue as Treasurer.

All our meetings will take place at 2.30pm, apart from the opening meeting which will take place at 2pm to enable the Treasurer to collect the Capitation Fees. The venue for our meetings is Kirkside, apart from the joint meeting on 9th November which will be held in the Church Hall.


The Guild would love to encourage new members, both male and female, to come along and enjoy a time of Fun, Fellowship and JOY with us. At a time when some churches have had to close their Guilds due to lack of numbers and support, we in Nairn Old Parish and St Ninian’s continue to endeavour to live up to our motto, ‘Whose we are and Whom we Serve’ but we need your support. Come along, Why not give it a try !!!


Men’s Fellowship:

This group of Christian men meet two weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm from October to March [except in December and January when they meet at 2.30pm] Meetings usually take place in Kirkside where they regularly enjoy a variety of talks and presentations from visiting speakers. It has a varied schedule including visits to places of interest. 


The Fellowship is in need of new members and warmly invites men in the congregation and their friends to come along and enjoy evenings of fun and fellowship as well as interesting and informative illustrated talks. 

Membership is £15 per session or £1.50 per meetin


Our speaker on that date will be the Rev. Alison Mehigan, Honorary President.


Our meetings are held at fortnightly intervals, in Kirkside at7.30pm (or as otherwise stated). President Tom Boyle will chair the meetings, assisted by Vice President Eddie Mann.



The Fellowship is in need of additional members and a warm welcome is extended to men in our congregation and to their friends in other congregations, to come along and join us

 for evenings of fun and fellowship as well as interesting and informative talks.


Meetings in Kirkside.

October, November, February and March at 7.30pm.

December and January at 2.30pm



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Tom Boyle



The Choir practise every Thursday evening at 7.30pm during term time.

There are no practices during the summer school holidays.

The Choir are always hoping to recruit new members. We lead the Congregation in Hymn singing and sing a short Introit and an Anthem most Sundays. Even if you cannot read music, we would give lots of encouragement and help to anyone willing to join us, as we are all very keen that the choir is able to continue as a vital element in our worship.

At the Celebration and Thanksgiving Service for Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Birthday the choir was joined by other Nairn Church choirs and members of the community. They sang The Three Spirituals and Siyahamba conducted by Wendy Strath.