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Gillian's daily exercise!

Good afternoon. 
I think I got the best of the sunshine this morning on my beach and river walk. It is lovely to be able to hear all the birdsong without it being distorted by the noise of the traffic. I seem to be seeing more birds and they appear less shy, which is lovely. They help to brighten my walk.

a) The Field Mouse Ear is starting to put in an appearance:

b) Along with the Common Vetch (I love their bright colours):

c) I have had trouble identifying the next one, however, my research tells me I’m not alone. It is sometimes mixed up with forget me not or borage however, it is actually green alkanet:

d) I thought I would show you how pretty the wild flowers are looking just now:

e) Someone has been painting stones again:

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Services of Worship

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Please note that our Kirkside building has been closed for all meetings. The KIRK VIEW Office is now temporarily located in the Eco Cabin and our secretary will be based there afternoons, Tusday to Friday. The telephone number remains unchanged.

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John and Ella Mackie are retiring back to the Kingdom of Fife, leaving their friends and church family after many happy years in Nairn.  Due to the restrictions in place for Coronavirus we have been unable to say a proper farewell - we will catch up later to do that -  but in the meantime we were able to give them their Certificates of Long Service, acknowleging over 48 years between them as Ruling Elders in the Church of Scotland. We say a heart felt thank you and bid them a safe journey and a fond farewell.

Profession of Faith and Adult Baptism

Recognition of Faithful Service

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World Mission



If you were fortunate enough to read the latest edition of the World Mission magazine, you will know that it was all about Fair Trade.

21 years have passed since Fair Trade was introduced to our retail system. It has been a slow process but is now well established.

The idea behind Fair Trade was to help farmers and producers in very poor parts of the world who struggled to produce their goods and were then forced to sell to large co-operatives who paid them very little.

Nowadays, Fair Trade offers fair prices for goods produced.  This has resulted in lifting farmers out of poverty and has seen their lives improve beyond their dreams.

Can we help?   Surely!


Recently Rev Alison spoke about ‘Choices we face’ and trying to make the right choice. When we are in the supermarket, we can make a choice, choosing an item with the Fair Trade logo, even if it is a few pence dearer (not always the case) By doing this we are helping to improve the lives of our brothers and sisters across the world.

Although many now receive help, there are thousands still living in poverty beyond anything we can imagine.

Please pray for them in their struggle to live.


Historic Communion

We recently celebrated the Sacrament of Communion, the first time it has been conducted by a female minister. In 1900 Lady Frances Balfour, a leading Scottish Suffragette, gifted our Communion table to us. She was a daughter of the Duke of Argyll and a leading aristocrat.  She was married to Estace Balfour brother of Tory Prime Minister Arthur Balfour. Lady Balfour came from a Whig background and was a regular visitor to Nairn visiting Lord Finlay of the Newton. The leader of the Suffragette movement in Nairn was our first minister Rev. W. R. Pirie. Lady Frances was a staunch supporter of the Church of Scotland and always attended the Assembly. She was a great believer of women's position in the church and after 116 years, a woman has celebrated communion at the very table she gifted. Our thoughts and prayers were with the Rev. Alison on this historic day.




Nairn Old Parish Church invites applications for the post of Organist and Choirmaster: to play at well attended Sunday morning worship, direct our enthusiastic choir and work with our Minister, Rev Alison C Mehigan, to develop the role of music in our congregational worship.

We wish to appoint a suitably qualified and/or experienced person, who has good people skills, combined with an enthusiastic approach to leading and developing our musical praise.

In addition, the successful applicant will be expected to play at worship during Holy Week, Christmas Day, two afternoon Communions and end of term school services.

The well-maintained pipe organ was manufactured by Norman and Beard in 1903.

Remuneration is within guidelines of the Scottish Federation of Organists and dependent on skills and experience.



Job Description for Organist & Choirmaster

The Employee will carry out duties pertaining to the office of Organist & Choirmaster by:

1  Playing the organ at Sunday worship and at such services as the Employer may require. He/she will not be

    obliged to play on weekdays at times which interfere with his/her weekday employment. Additionally this role
    could be supported by a relief Organist, who is agreeable, and available, to play on one or two Sundays per
    month by mutually suitable arrangement.

2  Being responsible for the recruitment, training, smooth running and satisfactory organisation of the
    congregation’s choir. He/she will conduct weekly practices with the choir during the period from mid- August to
    end of May in each year, or at such frequency or times of year as may be agreed with the Employer.

3  Regular liaison with the Minister; to develop the use of music within worship and by increasing the sung
    repertoire of the Congregation.

4  Playing at Weddings and Funerals (subject to attendance not interfering with his/her weekday                                    employment.) The Organist’s fee for these occasions will be paid by those who engage his/her services and will
    be reviewed annually by the Kirk Session. Services which are recorded by audio/visual means will be subject to
    a fee double that usually paid.  The Employee may waive his/her right to play at such services and shall not then
    be entitled to a fee.

5  Carrying out additional duties as may be reasonably requested from time to time.




Kirkside , 1 Manse Road, Nairn.

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