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Gillian's daily exercise!

Good afternoon. 
I think I got the best of the sunshine this morning on my beach and river walk. It is lovely to be able to hear all the birdsong without it being distorted by the noise of the traffic. I seem to be seeing more birds and they appear less shy, which is lovely. They help to brighten my walk.

a) The Field Mouse Ear is starting to put in an appearance:

b) Along with the Common Vetch (I love their bright colours):

c) I have had trouble identifying the next one, however, my research tells me I’m not alone. It is sometimes mixed up with forget me not or borage however, it is actually green alkanet:

d) I thought I would show you how pretty the wild flowers are looking just now:

e) Someone has been painting stones again:

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Historic Communion

We recently celebrated the Sacrament of Communion, the first time it has been conducted by a female minister. In 1900 Lady Frances Balfour, a leading Scottish Suffragette, gifted our Communion table to us. She was a daughter of the Duke of Argyll and a leading aristocrat.  She was married to Estace Balfour brother of Tory Prime Minister Arthur Balfour. Lady Balfour came from a Whig background and was a regular visitor to Nairn visiting Lord Finlay of the Newton. The leader of the Suffragette movement in Nairn was our first minister Rev. W. R. Pirie. Lady Frances was a staunch supporter of the Church of Scotland and always attended the Assembly. She was a great believer of women's position in the church and after 116 years, a woman has celebrated communion at the very table she gifted. Our thoughts and prayers were with the Rev. Alison on this historic day.

Recognition of Faithful Service

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